The career of organizations to be certified at openBIM begins

This February has successfully passed the external audit for the certification of our management system in the UNE-EN-ISO 19650 standard “Organization and digitization of information in building and civil engineering works using BIM”, part I and Part II (asset development).

Certification demonstrates the company’s compliance with the new international BIM standards, which is the recognition of TYPSA’s commitment to ensuring that, in the projects involved, a fully collaborative and consistent BIM information management process is adopted, regardless of its location, with all information, documentation and data managed, stored and delivered digitally.

As the first engineering consultancy to demonstrate the adaptation of its management system to this new standard, we are proud to have been recognized for our commitment to collaborative work and the adoption of digital practices throughout the construction industry to ensure informed decision-making, providing added value for customers and for the entire supply chain during asset construction.

Best practices in using BIM will provide numerous benefits for our customers, including the confidence that they are working with the highest level of engineering, at the forefront of technology.

TYPSA has already leveraged its BIM capabilities in countless projects of enormous size and importance around the world. This ranges from advising clients on information requirements, to managing design, delivery and operations information.