Spanish Ministry of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda – MITMA becomes a founding member of I+D+i ‘Europe’s Rail Joint Undertaking’

The European Commission and its Competitiveness Council have approved the regulation for the Council of Europe of R&D&I partnerships under its new Horizon Europe 2021-27 framework programme. The rail programme has a budget of EUR 1.212 million (co-financed by EUR 600 million) and will last until 2031.

Innovation issues are correlated with the evolution of operational and business aspects, some of which are:

  • Configuration of the new European Framework of Operations and Reference Architecture for Control, Command and Signaling (CMS)
  • Future evolution of the ERTMS system
  • Advances in telecommunications (5G developments with specific rail service and business use cases)
  • Traffic management platforms
  • Automation of logistics chain operations, terminals and freight transport
  • Intelligent rail asset maintenance and management
  • Development of BIM for use in digital railway twins