BIM WEEK® is a media initiative to disseminate BIM for the public and for the industry. The initiative foundations are neutrality and excellence, that are essential values to deliver what is needed by the society.

Our Vision is that all of us are contributing to the transformation of how we built the environment, and we trust in people as the most important change agent. We born to serve all the people interested in the new AECO industry, involved directly or indirectly in the development of the built environment, to provide a complete and curated source of information about what other people are doing at the global level, in order to join the shared effort to achieve our goals as society.

Our Mission is contribute to the effort from thousands of people and communities to provide a global outlook of the advancements of BIM technologies and methodologies, with the curated information that all of us need to build this new future, step by step, week by week.


BIM WEEK® defines itself as a trusted global source of the new AECO industry, that is committed with the interests of society’s sustainable progress, and support the effort of the BIM communities that are creating this digital transformation of the built environment.

You can contribute to this effort. Please, contact as to provide any kind of feedback, information or resources, to contribute to this effort. You can email us to info@bim-week.com.


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